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Laser-focused strategy to choose a profitable niche to promote affiliate products

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Hi, I'm Swayam Dhawan, The Author of The Affiliate Secrets 

I spent 4 years building the my digital marketing & messenger marketing agency and, helping other agency owners & business owners grow their business & to make passive income with affiliate marketing too. 

I got 100s of people messages per month to help them out to make online income, I helped some of them over consultation call, but still getting lots of inquiries and most of them not answered. 

Busy schedule, hunh...

To accomplish these goals, I have dedicated my time writing about “The Affiliate Secrets” to answer hundreds of Inquires I got and how I was able to generate $1000 per month (now even more) with affiliate marketing without creating website and writing blog posts.

This includes niche research, high converting audience research, affiliate marketing system, high converting bridge funnels, workbook to build your own traffic source and every technical thing that once scared me as a newbie.

and most importantly my complete affiliate marketing system to answer, of the  people who ask the question:

How exactly can I make passive income as an affiliate marketer?

To be fair, 

I tried to give my followers and to everybody else (who want to make 100% income as an affiliate), a solution by sharing tips on proven affiliate marketing system to become a pro affiliate marketer. I talked about the secrets on how I were able to generate $1000 or more commissions per month without even a website or blog.

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who start affiliate marketing but dump after sometime and burn their money because they do not now how this system works. 

People spend 100s of hours on writing articles and on SEO activity but at the end 90% of them gets failed. 

Stop doing mistakes now, stop spending money on COURSES

Make no mistake that I’m giving away all my secrets here. The Affiliate Secrets eBook contains all the steps from scratch to scaling level. 

This book is the reason that I own 4 different businesses today. From setting up affiliate marketing system to generate revenue. It covers each and everything and in a very detailed manner. 

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Let me show you what this 
ebook will teach you all about

11 Lessons, 5 Worksheets, Plug & Play Funnels & More...
  • Laser-focused strategy to choose a profitable niche to promote affiliate products?
  • How to find your Ideal Prospect in any Niche?
  • How to select the product to gain $1000 or more with Affiliate Marketing?
  • ​Proven Plug & Play Affiliate Marketing System 
  • High Converting Affiliate Bridge Funnel & Its Importance?
  • ​Learn about Offer Stacking to become Pro Affiliate Marketer.
  • ​How To Build A $1000/month Affiliate Business With One Page Money Making Affiliate Bridge Funnel?
  • ​Proven ways to build your own Traffic Source for getting massive engagement. 
  • ​My PROVEN Strategy to Promote Affiliate Product in Any Niche So You Never have to Worry About Traffic In Future Again.
  • ​How to use Facebook ads to promote Affiliate Product to Make Passive Income?
  • ​Multiple Exercise Worksheets To Help You Hit Your Goal?

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Limitless Works for Any Business Niche

This Works If You're In Any Online Business Industry Including The Following:
 Agency Owners
 Local Businesses
 Network Marketers
 Service Providers
 Course Creators
 Niche Experts
 SaaS Companies

So If You're Struggling to Make Multiple Passive Income Stream, all in automation...!!!

This Book Is For You!

From the Desk of:-

Swayam Dhawan 
Author of "The Affiliate Secrets"

This book is not recommended to those people who are not action takers, I called them IC (Information Collectors). 

Why, I'm saying this? because I recommend this book to those people who really wants to make change to their life. 

It has taken a lot of efforts while I was writing and making  11 secrets uncovered in "The Affiliate Secrets" book. 

I have shared my all working strategies from setting up affiliate marketing system to drive massive engagement on your offer and to convert that audience to your customers. 

More over that this is not just another e-Book in affiliate marketing. 

The Affiliate Secrets book comes with Lifetime Updates, Meaning people who'll take action today and get this book. 

They will get lifetime access to my winning and working strategies every month including the irresistible affiliate markeitng system bonuses.

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Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book (Instantly)

Inside of The Affiliate Secrets I will be sharing with you 11 secrets to help you Build your own Traffic Source & Recurring Income Online

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of this new book: 

Section 1:  Understand Affiliate Marketing System

  • Secret #1: Introduction to complete affiliate marketing system which I covered in The Affiliate Secrets.
  • Secret #2: What is affiliate marketing actually and what is affiliate marketing system you need to scale your affiliate commissions.
  • Secret #3: How to choose a profitable niche for your affiliate marketing career?
  • Secret #4: Laser Focused Method to Find Ideal Prospect in Your Niche?
  • Secret #5: How to select the product to gain $1000 or more with Affiliate Marketing

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Section 2: Install Affiliate Marketing System

  • Secret #6: What is Affiliate Marketing System and How to Install it for your niche in next 60 minutes.
  • Secret #7: How to use custom domain for affiliate marketing.
  • Secret #8: Use of 2-Step Affiliate Bridge Funnel System to sell affiliate products.
  • Secret #9: How I Built A $1000 per month Affiliate Business With One Page Money Making Affiliate Bridge Funnel ?
  • Secret #10: How to build your own Traffic Source?

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Section 3: Affiliate Marketing Secrets

  • Secret #11: My PROVEN Strategy to Promote Affiliate Product in Any Niche So You Never have to Worry About Traffic In Future Again.
  • Secret #12: How to use my winning affiliate bridge funnel to sell affiliate products of your own less than 30 minutes setup time.
  • Secret #13: How to use facebook ads like a Pro for Affiliate Marketing without getting banned by facebook.
  • Secret #14: How to use followup funnels to increase your conversion rate even If you have low traffic.
  • Secret #15: Get Inside access of my winning follow up funnels and facebook ads to scale your affiliate commissions.

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"So What's The Catch?"

Reasons To Get This eBook

I know there are some GURUs out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month. This isn't one of them.
  • Reason 1: You do not need to have a website or blog to promote affiliate products
  • Reason 2: You would be able to create your own Traffic Source to get massive engagement on your offer.
  • Reason 3: You just need to spend minimum 1 hour per day to earn $1000 per month because the system works in automation.

But Wait Here's More

Now The Million Dollar Question Is...


When you make the wise decision to grab this ebook today, you’ll also get these fast action bonuses…


Plug & Play Affiliate Bridge Funnel

My winning 2 step affiliate bridge funnel which you can install and start promoting affiliate products in just 24 hours. 

High converting and mobile responsive design and with LIFETIME UPDATES


150+ Recurring Affiliate Programs

Unlock the instant access to 150+ affiliate products having a high commission or recurring commission, so that you can just clone my campaigns to promote to your audience.


13 Days Follow Up Funnels (Plug & Play)

Clone my 13 days high converting follow up funnels with different subject lines. 

and just replace my affiliate link with yours and start broadcasting to your email list. 


200+ Facebook Post + Ads Headlines Swipe File

You have just 3 seconds to grab the attention of your prospects on social media. 

These headlines will help you to drive engagement on your posts & ads to get massive engagement & to drive conversions.


FREE Upcoming Training on Affiliate Marketing with Chatbots

Since I've over 3 years of experience in messenger marketing & chatbots. I'll provide you the FULL access to upcoming training on Affiliate Marketing with Chatbots. 
To scale-up faster & lifetime updates. 

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Here’s what our readers have to say about The Affiliate Secrets


to Skyrocket Your Affiliate Income in Next 30 Days...!

..... Remember

that only you have the power to change the direction of your affiliate marketing career.

Affiliate Marketing isn’t supposed to be difficult.

You just need a sustainable system that will keep you at 100% day in and day out.

The Affiliate Marketing Secrets in this eBook will be your stepping stones to this goal. 

Just imagine — from this day forward, you’ll never struggle with products, traffic & conversion again.

Get your copy now and let’s see how far affiliate marketing can take you!

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Here's RECAP of Everything
You'll Get Today....!

  • eBook: Instant access to complete affiliate marketing system
  • BONUS 01: Plug & play "Affiliate Bridge Funnel" with LT updates
  • BONUS 02: 150+ High Converting Affiliates Program List
  • BONUS 03: 13 Days plug & play follow up funnels
  • BONUS 04: 200+ facebook ads + posts headlines
  • BONUS 05: Upcoming  5 Days Training on Affiliate Marketing with Chatbots 

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There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

In fact, if you don't love the book — just tell me so, and I'll even refund your shipping costs (and you don't even have to ship the book back).

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